image Gorillas Are Peaceful

by Jack Blaser

With the new King Kong movie, Kong Skull Island, coming out on March 10th, one might think gorillas are dangerous man-eating creatures, but they are really not. Gorillas are just misunderstood, peaceful animals that rarely harm anything or anybody. Some reasons that show this are that gorillas are plant eaters, they are extremely peaceful, and have helped humans in the past.

Gorillas in movies like King Kong tend to try and eat humans, but in the real world, this is all false. These primates eat things like leaves, bark, shoots, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, termites, bamboo, and herbs. This shows that gorillas eat plants and insects but not meat. Gorillas have indeed attacked humans who have kept the gorillas locked up and driven the gorillas into insanity, but they surely have not eaten humans. Gorillas are not just plant eaters; they are extremely peaceful.

Gorillas are gentle giants misunderstood by humans. Gorillas rarely attack other animals and they live with so many of them that could be harmful. A gorilla only attacks an animal that is a threat to the silverbacks troop. This predator is the leopard. Leopards are predators to the gorillas and are capable of killing an adult gorilla, so if a leopard is harming or threatening the troop a gorilla should be able to defend itself. Both points so far show that gorillas at least harm some things, but gorillas have helped humans.
Gorillas can and have helped humans. To show this, at the Brookfield Zoo in 1996 a gorilla named Binti did something pretty amazing. Binti went over to a child that had recently fallen into the habitat. Binti brought the child to a service door where the employees could get to the child safely. This shows that gorillas do care for humans and that there were many similar cases of incidents like these and one occurring only last year at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Even though Kong Skull Island is coming out on March 10th and that some people might be scared of gorillas these gentle giants are not what you think they are. First, they are plant eaters, they are very peaceful, and they have helped us humans in the past. To conclude, gorillas are not man-eating monsters that we should be afraid of.

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