image Lucid Dreaming

by Catrina Raich

When a person is lucid dreaming it’s like they are living another life. Lucid dreaming is when one is aware that he or she is dreaming. These types of dreamers can often control their dreams. Most lucid dreamers use techniques like recording dreams in a dream journal, repeating a simple phrase, and playing video games.

Many dreamers keep a dream journal to record their past dreams. A dream journal is a journal people write in to remember their dreams. This journal can help one lucid dream considering the fact that one way to lucid dream is to read dreams one had to continue the story that person had the night before. If an individual had a dream about being the star player for the Avonworth football team, they can record that dream in their dream journal and read that dream before they went to bed which means that person could continue the dream they had about being the star player for the Avonworth football team. A phrase a person repeats to them self every night could also help one remember their previous dream.

Even a seven word phrase can affect a person’s dream. “I will be aware that I’m dreaming” is the phrase every lucid dreamer says to themselves before they go to bed. By saying this phrase, one’s Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming, or MILD which means one is using a rote phrase to turn the awareness of lucid dreaming into a habit. Another technique one can do while saying this is sentence is giving oneself reality checks daily. When someone is giving oneself a reality check frequently, that person knows that they aren’t dreaming in the daylight which means when they fall asleep they are aware they are dreaming. One knows they are awake if they start to read and the words aren’t blurry or test whether one is still breathing by holding their nose and closing their breath. In most dreams, a person can’t breathe or doesn’t notice that they are breathing. Although using both these techniques increase the likelihood of one lucid dreaming, playing video games also help.

Playing video games enlarges one’s chances to lucid dream. The video game the person does not seem to matter according to researchers. Even a few hours of video can help one lucid dream. If someone was playing a building game, that person could possibly have a controlled dream on said game. All of these ways lead to different techniques to lucid dream, but any of these techniques can help one accomplish the same thing.
Lucid dreamers use techniques like recording dreams in a dream journal, repeating a simple phrase, and playing video games. When one tries recording their dreams in a dream journal and reading it to them self the night before, they will discover being able to continue the same topic each night. If a person decides to try repeating a simple phrase, giving reality checks, or playing video games, that person will figure out how big their imagination really is.


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