image Adidas´s Run

by Colin Crawford

Many people may have heard of Ultra Boosts, Nmds, and Yeezys. But they might not know what brand makes them. The answer is Adidas. Adidas is making a huge run in the sneaker game, and now it seems that everybody has to have a pair. Adidas shoes are liked for many reasons, including the comfort, the quality, and the sponsorships.
Adidas shoes are very comfortable. Many sneaker youtubers will say in their video´s that Ultra Boosts are the most comfortable shoe.

For example, In Blake Linder´s video ( he talks about how adidas is so comfortable. Not only are Adidas shoes comfortable, but also they are well made.

The quality of Adidas shoes are very good. Nike shoes rip and tear very easy, but Adidas shoes don´t. Adidas shoes are made with good materials that last long. In a youtube video, the youtuber showed how he could stretch the heel area of an Nmd. Adidas does this so the shoe can be worn by anyone. In addition, on the writer explains how Adidas has amazing cushioning. Adidas´s shoes have great quality, and Adidas is sponsored by great brands.

Adidas is sponsored by top of the line companies and people. Kanye West´s Adidas shoes, Yeezys, are the top shoes on the market today. Flight Club (Shoe Seller) is selling Yeezys for over $2,000. In addition, a very expensive company, Bape, is partnered with Adidas. Also, Bape and Kanye West make people purchase Adidas merchandise. If Adidas did not have a Yeezy or a Nmd with Bape camo on it, Adidas would not be as successful.
Adidas is definitely a top company in the shoe world today. If Adidas keeps doing what they are doing now, Adidas will continue to be extremely popular and heavily liked. The Yeezys will continue to sell out, along with the Nmds and the Ultra Boosts. In summary, Adidas shoes are comfortable, high quality, and a heavily sponsored shoe brand.


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