image Chase the Antelopes

Are you tired of doing the same boring routine everyday? Join us for Chase the Antelopes 5k & One-Mile Walk. Numerous people have already signed up and will participate. On April 29th we are holding this race, starting at the school. Our 8th grade middle school class has planned it all. We have contacted sponsors, made registration forms, and made the race design. Join us on April 29th of this year!
All proceeds will be profiting the Hannah Milbert Memorial Fund. This organization will benefit the family of an Avonworth High School student who passed away recently. Participating in this race will be greatly appreciated by all in the Avonworth community.
We talked to a local 8th grader, Spencer Hall, in the public relation team. He is currently working on a chart of the past winners for the Ohio Township. His team will contact them and invite them to participate in the Chase the Antelopes 5k and One-Mile walk.
We also talked to Hugo Eadie in the sponsorship team. He believes the project is for a good cause, and this may become an annual event. His team’s job is to try and find sponsor’s that can help sponsor the event. Currently, his team has found numerous sponsors, and has written letters to publish for others to see.
Aaron Fresh from the design team, also gave us some helpful information. His team is working on the t-shirt design for the shirt that will be a part of every runner’s bag. His team is finding somewhere to mass produce these t-shirts, although it must be efficient and as cheap as possible. Our t-shirts are better than other 5k you may see. These t-shirts will have all the sponsors on them. Also, these shirts are a part of a local race, that community members will enjoy. Finally, our shirts are designed by our 8th grade students. This means that the design of the t-shirt will be unique and hand made. Those participating in the race will receive these amazing shirts.
Our class of 2021 has been working hard for this project to be possible. All proceeds will be benefiting the Hannah Milbert Memorial Fund. For more information, please visit our website, Please come and participate in this race on April 29. The 8th grade students have been working extremely hard for this to be possible. All profits will be benefiting a good cause, and all of the Avonworth school district will greatly appreciate your company.

Chase the Antelopes 5K

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