image 29TH Annual Children’s Hospital Auction

by staff writer

Avonworth Middle School is coming close to the most magical time of the year for both the middle and high school.

The middle school will celebrate the 29th annual Children’s Hospital Auction on December 22nd, the day before leaving for the holiday break. For the upperclassmen of the building, the auction is anticipated each year for the wonderful items that can be purchased and the new sixth graders are starting to feel the anxious, but happy feelings of finally getting to experience an auction. The most important thing to remember when thinking about the auction is that the money collected by both the middle school and high school student council will be donated to the children who are in need at Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital located in Lawrenceville.

Each year, our local news station, KDKA, sponsors the Children’s Hospital tele-a-thon and if Avonworth has already had the auctions they send representatives to publicly give our donation, which in some years has been over $15,000! Although as students we may be very excited for all of the goodies and sugar that is eaten during the auction, we need to remember that we are celebrating how fortunate we are by giving to Children’s Hospital.
Tips for the auction:

Bring money! Even $5 is a fantastic donation and will go to someone in need.
Group up with friends so that you can put your money together to get some of the bigger items auctioned.

Donate items to the auction. Although, food is a great seller, other items, such as stuffed animals, videos, sports memorabilia and tickets to events are hot sellers as well.

Ask your teachers to get involved! They love it when students, like us, come up with ideas for them!

Any questions about the auctions see Mrs. Abate or Mrs. Hickman.

Student Council Needs Members

AMS Children’s Hospital Auction

The AMS Children’s Hospital Auction

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