image AMS Students Support Clinton, Says Poll

by Ryan Ehmann, Staff Writer

Students at Avonworth Middle School participated in a survey sponsored by The Herd concerning the 2016 Presidential Election. A total of 212 individual responses were collected in the poll from Wednesday, October 5, 2016 to Thursday, October 13, 2016. Students had answered the online poll in their social studies classes. They were able to submit opinions they held of the candidates running for President.
Based on the opinions of Avonworth Middle School students, the clear winner of the poll is Hillary Clinton with 51.2% percent of the votes. Students were prompted with the question, “Who do you want to be President.” This was a close vote, with Donald Trump 45% of the vote. Gary Johnston, the Independent party candidate, received 3.6% of the votes.
The poll also asked participants why they chose their candidate. Here are some of the reasons why students wanted Clinton to win…“I want her to win because she is a woman.” “I want her because she knows what she is doing.” “Hillary is a great leader.”
Here are some reasons why students chose Trump:
“He is a beast.” “Because he has amazing hair.” “Trump has a strong plan and debate strategy.
As the election draws closer, Avonworth students will be engaged in classes considering the candidates for the highest office of the United States. Students will cast their ballots here at Avonworth Middle School on Tuesday, November 8.


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