image 8th Grade Welcomes American Legion Veteran

On Monday, September 12, Avonworth Middle School welcomed Retired Sargent First Class Eber Tripp to present to the 8th grade class. As part of the unit on Patriotic Symbols, the students learned the importance of the flag as well as its proper display and retirement.
Mr. Tripp spoke to students about his military service in both the Vietnam and Iraq Wars. He discussed his job in the Army with the 28th Signal Battalion which is stationed in West View, Pennsylvania.

Falg Retirement
Students in the 8th grade participated in a Flag Retirement Assembly on September 12, 2016. Pictured is Retired Sargent First Class Eber Tripp reviewing the flag folded by  student Mack Suto.

The presentation also included a demonstration of how to properly salute and fold an American Flag. Students practiced folding the flag so that it forms a tight triangle.
The final part of the event was the retirement of worn and damaged flag. A retired flag is set on fire using a fuel such as kerosene so that the flag burns white. This is done to honor the flag and prevent a damaged flag from being displayed.
See more pictures from this event on The Herd website.

Veterans Visit Avonworth Middle School

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Flag Retirement
The 8th grade class salutes as an American Flag is being retired.

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