image Makeup and Dress Tips for Semi-Formal

by Claire Chao

For all of the seventh and eighth graders going to this year’s semi-formal, here are a couple tips and tricks that you can use to make the night more fun and stress-free. This time of the year, many of the girls are going to several stores and websites to find a dress that is right for them. But, isn’t it kind of awkward if you walk into semi with the same exact dress as another girl? I mean if that’s what you and your friends are into, then you do you. But for the girls who want to want to have a dress that nobody else has, then you can follow these tips to be original. Also, here are some tips and tricks to turn your day makeup to night time makeup that is perfect for semi-formal.

To find a pretty and unique dress for this year’s dance, then follow these simple and pressure-free steps. First, find a store you like to shop at that has affordable prices. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a dress you are probably only going to be wearing for one night. Shops that I enjoy and that have cute and semi-formal dresses are stores like: Bebe, Express, Macy’s, JcPenney, Charlotte Russe, DailyLook, and Top Shop. These stores have good prices, and many styles of dresses to choose from. After picking a store to shop at, look in store and online because there could be special deals or more dresses online than there is in the store. There are many different selections and styles you can choose from. Instead of going for a plain and typical dress, go for long-sleeved, or a velvet fabric. It can really complete an outfit and make the outfit look more polished and complete. If you want to dress something up, then add a statement necklace or bracelet.  Don’t stress about how other people will think- if you like it, then wear it confidently.

If you want to achieve a good complexion and easy makeup routine for this year’s dance, then these hacks will make your life a whole lot easier. For a semi-formal, you don’t want your makeup to be too dramatic, but you also wouldn’t wear simple day makeup to an event like this either. To start off, you should apply a moisturizer to your face and neck to make sure your face is hydrated and not dry. Next, a primer is a good thing to use, but it is not always needed. It can help to make your foundation or BB cream easier to apply, and it can also help to keep your makeup lasting longer. If you aren’t using a face primer, then you can jump straight into foundation, BB cream, CC cream, or just a powder foundation. This will help to make your skin have an even color and complexion; also, make sure to set the cream or foundation with a powder. Another product that you can use is blush and bronzer to add warmth and color into your face. It will give your face more dimension in pictures and make you appear more youthful. If you are like Gigi Hadid and blessed with full and beautiful eyebrows, then you can skip this step. But for the girls who lack in the eyebrow section, then I would recommend lightly (very lightly) filling them in. Eyebrows frame your face and also add more dimension to your face as well. For the eyeshadow, apply a cream base or an eyelid primer to help keep your eye makeup stay on all night. First, use a very light, champagne color all over the lid and in your inner corners to to set the primer and to brighten the your eyes. Second, using a darker color, apply it into your crease and blend it out so it is not so harsh. Using a smaller brush or fingers, apply a shimmery color to the lid. After this step, take a large, fluffy brush and blend again. You can also apply eyeliner and mascara to your eyes to complete them. For middle school, I would recommend to wear just chapstick or a light lip gloss.

Sheer Solid Dress from Easy and simple makeup


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