image The Ben Avon Historical Society


by Sara Chaney

At a glance, the Ben Avon Area Historical Society is just a ten by twelve foot room in a strip of buildings across from Custard’s. If you walk inside, all you see is a bunch of boxes on shelves, a  copier, and a table and chairs. What you don’t see is the years of rich history that are sitting in the boxes, just waiting to be discovered. From newspaper clippings to annual reports from mental hospitals, the history of our small town is preserved within in the walls of the slightly-bigger-than-a-closet room that is BAAHA. Also, if you go on the right day, you may find some students doing research or volunteering for the annual BAAHA project that several eighth grade students embark on every year. This year, the nineteen people have each chosen a research topic and have begun to dive deep into local history.They must collect oral history as well as produce a product that will be long-lasting in our community. The Herd wishes the participants  the best of luck, may they discover more of our history than anyone before.

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