image 2016 New Winter Fashion and Makeup Trends

by Claire Chao

The new year of 2016 has just started, which also means that new makeup and fashion trends are on the way. To keep warm in the next few winter months, mock turtlenecks are now in. They are a cute and comfortable way to keep your neck somewhat warm without feeling choked by the tall neck of real turtlenecks. Ways to style mock necks is by wearing them with some ripped jeans, or a skirt.

To keep your feet warm this year is with booties. New and cute styles of ankle boots are being made by brands and stores all around. From suede to leather, fur-lined to rubber soles, anybody will be sure to find a style they like. Fashion designers are creating new looks with the new shoes by pairing them with skirts and tights, jeans, and leggings.

If you don’t want to clean up your crop tops just yet, pair them with high waisted jeans and pants to keep modest. Stores like Nordstrom, Pacsun, Topshop, and Free People have created ways to turn winter sweaters and styles into crop tops. Cropped sweaters are everywhere now, wear them with high waisted jeans and booties and you have a cute and cozy outfit. You can also still wear your skirts without your legs being totally bare. Tights are now in season and so many cute patterns have come out.

As for makeup, there is an argument for drugstore products compared to high-end products. “Are high-end products really worth the price?” The deal with this is, at Target or Walmart you can purchase a mascara and eye-shadow palette for about twenty dollars. But at high-end stores like Sephora and Ulta, a mascara would be about twenty to thirty dollars and an eye-shadow palette could go for thirty dollars or higher. They are priced so high because the Sephora and Ulta products are better quality than drugstore products. Many people say that younger adults should not be spending that much money on makeup because we only wear so little. But other people say that if you are only purchasing a couple of products, you should invest into high-quality products, which you could get good use out of.

Don’t forget to stay warm and keep up with the new style and makeup trends this new year!

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