image The AMS Children’s Hospital Auction

by Sara Chaney

The day before Holiday break, Avonworth Middle School in it’s entirety  gathered in the auditorium, everyone ready for a day of food, fun, and spending- IT’S FOR THE KIDS!

The preparation for the event began weeks prior when donations were asked for, and although the amount of goodies was low up until the auction, the families of AMS students pulled through on the day of. Pizzas, candy, donuts, signed footballs , and many other gifts littered the stage as the anxious students arrived.

Throughout the day, the children grouped together in order to afford dozens of donuts and pizzas, the delirium growing with each dollar spent and each milestone passed. One, three, six, seven thousand dollars were raised for the free care fund!

Then came, in my opinion, the most exciting part of the entire thing: Pie in the Face. As they saw the teachers don their trash bags and shower caps, the entire student population returned to their seats to watch what would happen next. The privilege of pieing was awarded to the highest bidder, each teacher getting pied twice. Our brave teachers then shuffled away to the bathrooms and the big seller stepped up to the plate: Mr. Haskins, bowtie and all, was going to get pied. Collectively, the eight grade elected a representative, the Chosen One of sorts, to throw the pie and then pooled their money together. With the power of one hundred teenagers, the representative won, Ms. Walbush following him onto the stage. We then got to see the previously purple bowtie turn white with shaving cream.

What happened next was, to me at least, astounding. The crowd began to chant, so quiet at first that you could barely make out the word they were saying, but then rising to a powerful force as everyone joined in: “Pointek.” After some convincing, her one condition was that one hundred and fifty dollars had to be raised. Within minutes, the “Pie Pointek” funds had surpassed the goal. The pieing of Pointek was an excellent closing to a wonderful day.





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