The Advisory Games: A Day of 8th Grade Competition

by Sara Chaney

The Advisory Games: an afternoon of fierce, advisory-on-advisory competition that Avonworth’s  brave eighth graders competed in on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. The competition consisted of various team-building activities, ranging from Pictionary to bouncing pencils into cups. These mental and physical challenges were dominated by the eighth graders with ease, resulting in an even tougher tournament. Any struggles the teams encountered had to be dealt with themselves, meaning they had to overcome the difficulties and band together for the bigger picture: a pizza party. Some may call the reward juvenile, but that is the thing about pizza, it is a gift that can be consumed with joy by almost anyone. At the end of the games, the participants had to wait through the rest of their days’ to see who would be crowned victorious. In period I, the announcement was made. The Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, one half on Mrs. DeSimonne’s advisory group, had triumphed. Directly behind them were the Nameless group, the other half of Mrs. DeSimonne’s advisory group, in second and Smith’s Stars, quite obviously Mr. Smith’s group, in third. It is undetermined when the winning team will enjoy their cheesy reward, but I think it goes without saying that the Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins will certainly discover what victory truly tastes like.

Advisory Games
Students in the 8th grade participating in the 2nd annual advisory games.

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