Guide to the Avonworth Middle School Children’s Hospital Auction

For those of you who have participated in an auction before you can attest to the fact that it is unique to the Avonworth School District. Each December the middle and high schools participate in gathering donations for the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund. In order to gather the funds donated the Avonworth community rallies together to donate wonder baked goods, bubbly beverages, the ever favorite pizzas and some of the teachers even participate by making fools of themselves.

The staff at both buildings as well as the students know that the money they donate each year to the auction is going to support the children receiving life saving services at our own Children’s Hospital located in Lawrenceville.

So for any student out there who has not yet participated in an auction here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Please bring cash to the auction. Checks cannot be accepted. Bring whatever amount you can. Remember, you can join together with a group of friends in order to get what you want.
  • If you are going to go in with a group of friends to bid on something—please make sure that only one person from your group is bidding.
    Once you have won your item, if it is food, please take it to the cafeteria immediately. Food can not be eaten in the auditorium.
  • For non-food items, remember the holidays are right around the corner, think about your family that you still need to buy for. I bet your little brother or sister would love a gift card or a giant stuffed bear!
    All students must be in either the cafeteria or the auditorium.
  • Classrooms will not be open to sit in during the auction.
    School rules still apply during the auction. Cell phones should not be out. Students should not be texting or using social media during the auction. If you are caught using your phone, the same rules that would apply during the school day still apply.
  • Have Fun! Please remember that the money that you and your family is donating is going to help save the lives of children in our own area.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for this guide – I would just like to reiterate something that you mentioned in the last comment. As much as the Student Council hopes that everyone has a fun and exciting day, we are doing this for a bigger reason. Children in the Pittsburgh area rely on the Free Care Fund to get the medical help that they need, and all of the proceeds from our auction will go towards that fund. So while we are having fun, we are really working for an even bigger cause – to get kids the medical help they need so that they can get back to having fun just like we are!

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