Eight Things You Didn’t Know about Christmas

 by Drew McDowell, The Herd Staff

The Holidays are quickly approaching and it is time to be with friends and family. But, have you you ever thought about the origins of Christmas?
The word “Christmas” originated from an English phrase, Cristes Maesse, meaning Christ’s Mass.
– Russia, and some other countries around it, celebrates Christmas on January 7th.
– The reason for a the letter “x” in X-mas is because the first letter of Jesus Christ’s name is X in the Greek language.
– The first Christmas tree was decorated in food instead of ornaments.
-Jingle Bells was the first song performed in space.
– Candy Canes were symbolized from canes that the shepherds used when Jesus was born.
-Gingerbread Men were created when people once believed Santa Claus was made of Gingerbread.
-Christmas is celebrated in over 50 countries by over 2 billion people, making it the second most popular holiday, just behind New Year’s Eve.


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