Do You like Picture Day?

Katie Burrows,  The Herd Staff

When you were younger you would happily go to picture day looking the best you could, doing whatever the photographer wanted you to, and anticipating seeing yourself in the yearbook, but has picture day lost its charm?

More than half of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders say that they don’t like picture day. But, why not?
According to surveys, 34 percent of middle schoolers don’t like dressing up for picture day, 25 percent of them don’t like their photographs, and 3 percent of their parents don’t even buy pictures! Overall, the average middle school student only rates picture day 7.3/10.

I think that rather than a specific picture day, we should have students have their picture taken periodically throughout the year. That would save a lot of time, and students wouldn’t be forced to be pulled out of their classrooms all day. Also, they could be taken in the halls, to look natural.

graph dress up


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