Enter the Maze

by Natalya Kyler

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a maze? Then read all about teenage boys’ experiences in the fictional novel by James Dashner, “The Maze Runner”.

Follow the journey about a teenage boy named Thomas inside the Glade in this futuristic novel. It begins with him inside the Box, which delivers him inside the Glade. But, he’s not alone. When the doors for the Box open, he is surrounded by other teenage boys who welcome him to the Glade. He later discovers that he is in the middle of a giant maze, full of deadly Grievers programed to kill, along with no memory of his life before. The next day, the box comes up with a teenage girl, passed out. She then wakes up, suddenly saying, “Everything is going to change,” and she stays true to her word. They later discover a serious problem on earth. So find out how the whole story plays out in this science fiction novel by reading “The Maze Runner”. And if you love that book, the series continues with “The Scorch Trials”, “The Death Cure”, and the prequel, “The Kill Order”. But don’t take my word for it. Caelan Habala calls it the “Best book ever!” So start reading the series!


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