Kyra’s Library

by Kyra Carlson


Twin brothers, Alex and Aaron Stowe, live in the dullest of dull, Quill. When a child in Quill turns 13, they go through… the Purge. When they are told whether they are lucky Wanteds, fortunate Necessaries, or… Unwanteds. Aaron has been declared a Wanted. Alex has been declared… a… a… Unwanted. Wanteds go to the University. They learn and they are educated. Necessaries simply stay alive, getting servant jobs in Quill. While Unwanteds go to the Death Farm… where they are… executed… Or so Quill thinks . . .

Read the Unwanteds series:

Where Alex finds a new world!

One full of color!

and… Magic?

Also if you like this first book the 2nd is Island of Silence!


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