Walbush’s Pets

by Natalya Kyler

Has anyone ever wanted to know more about the critters of the seventh grade?   That’s right, Mrs. Walbush has critters in her science room.   She has a chameleon named Rango. Well, don’t let the name Rango fool you, Rango is a girl chameleon.  Ms. Walbush got her a friend, a boy chameleon! One day  Rango moved over to him and started beating him up!

Mrs. Walbush also has an aquarium full of fish! The aquarium houses  three clownfish, one which likes to hang out by the filter, a white and black angel fish, five snails, a horseshoe crab, two shrimp, and an anemone, that has been in the tank for two years.

To add to the critters in room 109, she has a snake named Candy, who she is babysitting for the third year and a lizard named Lizzy. She has had Lizzy for two years.

If Mrs. Walbush is not  too busy during lunch, she will let a student come in and help take care of her pets! One student got to feed Candy a dead mouse! If you’re a seventh grader and want to help her out, go visit her at lunch and give her a hand! Good luck!


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