Veterans experience at the history center

by Caitie Bellotti

Recently, more than 30 eighth grade students visited the Heinz History Center for an exciting field trip to talk to veterans. The veterans that were present came in different ages with their own different personalities. They were kind enough to tell us things like who they were, where they were positioned, and even who they missed. “Each time the stories are different,” said Robert Stakely, the Education Director at the History Center. “Each time I learn something new.”Each of the five veterans that spoke had memories from when they served and each were different in their own special way. The stories would either pull at your heart strings or make you laugh until your face was red. It seemed like students were there to not just miss school, but to actually learn about our countries past accomplishments, as well as the mistakes we have made. Every word from each speaker was wise and kind, and kept the group of  thirty eighth  grade students entertained the whole time. “We learned a lot during our experience,” says Walter Patton, a World War 2 veteran. “But one was simple and straight to the point, things shouldn’t be done the wrong way, can be done the right way, but absolutely must be done the army way.”

vets9 vets10 vets8 vets7 vets6 vets5 vets4 vets3 vets2 vets1


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