Kyra’s Library

by Kyra carlson

Maximum Ride Series
Max and the flock have wings. That’s right, wings!
When one of the flock’s precious members is taken captive by wolf-men, the flock is determined to rescue her.
But the wolf-men take her to the school. The last place the flock wants to go.

The Warriors series
Rusty has a nice life as a house cat. But he has always wondered what lay in the forest beyond his cozy home.
When curiosity gets the best of him he ventures into the forest.
There he finds a young, wild cat.
The strange cats name is Graypaw.
When more wild cats show up Rusty begins to get nervous.
What will they do to him and why are they here? Rusty finally decides to leave his home.
When he follows the strange cats he finds he is more than far from home.
The series is still being written as we speak. It is like the Magic Tree House. There are approximately 45 books and the author just keeps writing… so I’ll list the first three. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the rest of the books: Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, Forest of Secrets.

max ride


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