Cool Magic Trick

by Roman Simkins

Are you ready to learn the coolest magic trick and impress all your friends? Well you’ve come to the right place. Before you start you need to set it up.
Step 1: Take the bottom three cards and turn them over. (conceal the bottom of the deck for now.)
Step 2: now spread out the cards and tell your friend, “Pick any card.” What’s the chance that they will pick the bottom card?
Step 3: Tell them to not let you see their card.  As you tell them this their eyes will be looking at your face. at that moment turn the deck over so all the cards (but the cards you flipped over) are facing up.
Step 4: Tell them to put their card back in the middle.
Step 5:  Now do a sequence of taps slaps and hits on the top card. Then show them the card and ask them if it is theirs. It won’t be theirs. Try this one more time. It still won’t be theirs. Then on your third try say “I gotta do something different.”
STEP 6:  DO new taps and then spread out the cards revealing that they are all flipped over. All the cards but… THEIRS!..



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