AMS clubs want you to join!

Are you interested in being a leader ­and giving tours of our school to new people  and using your skills to create and appreciate art? Addressing the concerns of natural environmental problems and helping create a magazine of the writings and pictures of our school? Getting involved in leadership activities and events  and making a difference in the world and doing charities? Creating projects using technology, and writing articles to create a newspaper about every month of our school? Well, if you said yes to all of these or just one you can join one of the many clubs of Avonworth middle school. The paragraphs below will give a vivid description of the clubs that are known to be going on now or starting up soon.
Ambassador Club- The Ambassador club welcomes new students and guests to the middle school. Club activities include giving tours of our school to new students and helping them get acclimated to their new school. Membership is open to all middle school students.

Art Club- The Art Club exists to help students enhance their art skills and develop an appreciation of the arts. Club activities include individual and group projects such as school enhancement projects, as assigned by the art teacher. Membership is open to all middle school students.

Environmental Club- The Environmental Club works to address concerns over the state of the natural environment both globally and locally. Students learn about our environment and develop ways to improve the natural environment. The main focus of the club is to maintain the recycling program in the middle and the high school. Other club activities could include the institution, promotion, and maintenance of a recycling program for the Avonworth community, the organization and completion of a school beautification project, or the organization of an Earth Day/Arbor Day celebration. The club also investigates environmental issues of local concern, such as the use of pesticides, land development, and deforestation. Membership is open to all middle school students.

Literary Magazine- The Literary Magazine exists to enhance the writing abilities of students. The club activity is the location of a middle school literary magazine. Membership is open to all middle school students.
Newspaper Club- The Newspaper Club exists to provide opportunities for improving creativity, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and organizational skills through reporting, writing, editing, and computer layout of the middle school newspaper. Club activities include weekly meetings on Tuesdays, publication almost every month, and distribution of the newspaper to all students, district faculty, staff, and school board members. Membership is open to all middle school students.
Student Ambassador- The Student Ambassador club was founded with the goal of giving students the opportunity to make a difference in the world while exposing them to activities of international significance. Mrs. Applegate, the sponsor of the club, is very excited for the upcoming local coffee roaster, in December. For more information go to the website  This field trip is to help pack coffee while the profits support farmers in Nicaragua by paying them fair trade wages, which means giving them enough money to live and support their family. It also funds two schools in Nicaragua for poor and needy children. “When I was there most children didn’t have shoes to wear and they barely had enough food to eat for one meal,” Mrs. Applegate says. Another field trip that happens when in the Student Ambassador club is the World Affairs Project. You create a project on a specific topic and then you go to the World Affair Council of Pittsburgh,and you share your project and have a fun day full of lots of activities and learning.
Student Council-  Student Council provides an opportunity for middle school students to become involved in leadership activities to improve the school and community. Club activities include a variety of service projects for the school and community, including Children’s Hospital Auction in December; and sponsorship of several assemblies, dances, and activities to promote school spirit and student involvement. Membership is open to students with a 2.0 grade point average and good discipline and attendance records.
TSA- The Technology Student Association (TSA) is an organization which promotes the use of technology, science, math, design, engineering, and public speaking outside of the classroom. Students create projects based on of specific activities in order to compete against students from other schools on regional, state, and national levels. Some of these projects include: structural challenge (where students must build bridges), graphic design, video game design, RC car, Dragster Design, Prepared Speech, Extemporaneous Speech, and Environmental Challenge. TSA also provides students with an activity to help them transition into high school, since TSA is available at both middle and high school levels. Often, currently high school students mentor middle school students with their projects, creating a collaborative working environment.

Student council members preparing for the 2014 semi-formal.
Student council members preparing for the 2014 semi-formal.

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