Welcome to Avonworth, Ms. Boyd!

Ms. Boyd
Ms. Boyd

By: Alexie Auth

Have you noticed any new faces this year in the hallways? Well, other than all of the new students this year, we have a new teacher, Miss Boyd, the seventh grade reading teacher. Even though she is a new to Avonworth she is not new to the area. Ms. Boyd is from South Park, PA. She went to Grove City College to study English and later went to the University of Pittsburgh for her masters in teaching. At Grove City she wrote for the newspaper. Also while at Grove City College she went on a  trip to Romania. This is when she decided she wanted to be a teacher. After that it was all full speed ahead. She moved from her home, South Park, PA to Edenton, NC. She taught eighth grade Language Arts at Chowan Middle School for three years. Then last year she moved back home to work at Canonsburg Middle School as a long term sub and now she’s here with us. One thing Miss Boyd does a lot of is travel. She has traveled to India, Romania, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and all across the country. Some fun facts about Miss Boyd is that she loves to kayak. She also has a sister that is ten years younger than her. Her favorite food is sushi and ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. The Sound of Music is her favorite movie and her most beloved classical book is Jane Eyre and contemporary book is The Book Thief. Another fun fact about Miss Boyd is that she did chorus from kindergarten to college. She also played clarinet for eight years, so make sure that the next time you see Ms. Boyd you say hello to show her our Avonworth ways.

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