My Summer Vacation

by Rachel Schaffner

For my summer vacation our family went down to  Jupiter, FL.  It took two days to drive there.  It was fun though.  We were located directly across from the beach!  One night we walked out on the beach and we saw baby turtles hatch and crawl to the water.   They were so cute!  We were on Juno Beach when we saw the cute baby turtles.   We also went to a safari where we could drive up and almost touch the animals.  But some of them were in cages like the lions and the rhinos.   Then we went to their park and me and my sister got to feed birds and giraffes.   We also went to the West Palm Beach Zoo.  We  got to see a baby alligator close up.  Then we ended our trip by going to the Miami Seaquarium.  We got to see a show with a big orca and some dolphins.  We ended out trip by swimming with the dolphins!   It was fun we got pet,  ride,kiss,hug,and feed them.  But after we left I missed the dolphins.  After about a week after we got back we went to the Columbus Zoo.  It was a huge zoo.  We didn’t even finish the zoo.  We didn’t see the aquarium, and the reptiles.  We went  on a boat ride and we saw robotic dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were controlled by the workers at the zoo.  They were really big and they have a microphone in them so they can roar.  Then we went home.


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