My Summer Vacation

By: Alexie Auth

Imagine waking up and the first thing you see is a shimmering lake with a beautiful sunset on the  horizon. You hear a distant roar growing louder and louder until you realize it is just a fishing boat passing by. A  whiff of fresh pine needles enters your nose as you take your first step outside. Do you know where you are? Well of course, you are in amazing Canada. Canada has many adventurous things to do, but the one thing it is mostly known for, other than the Niagara Falls, is its fishing. While I was on vacation I felt like all I did was fish. There are lots different types of fish in Canada. You can catch bass, pike, walleye, catfish, and so many more. Also while I was in Canada I would paddle board or kayak. I would fish off of my paddle board or take it to an island and have lunch. I loved paddle boarding and kayaking in Canada for all sorts of reasons, but my favorite reason is to look at the view. The view is breathing taking in Canada. From the clear blue sky of the day to the bright speckled stars at night. Nothing can beat the view of Canada. I think everyone in the world should at least once go to the wonderful Canada.


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