Earthquake at Avonworth!

by Natalya Kyler, AMS staff writer

Did you feel that? No? The 6th grade students have experienced an earthquake!  Not a real one, of course!

In science class, students have been relocated to another part of the world. We have fault groups of three, four, or five and our groups must build a structure that can withstand Mrs. Pointek’s earthquake fury!

Fault groups are your group that has been relocated to an earthquake-prone area. Students must also do the packet for the project. This packet includes all of the information you and your group needs to start building you structure.

Every group member must bring in at least one material for your structure. Students must have engineered their structures to have at least four safety devices such as a chimney bracing

Maya Berg, a fellow 6th grade student, stated her opinion on the relocation project, “I feel like Mrs. Pointek hates us and that she wants us to be squished and die in an earthquake, but I feel she wants us to learn the difficulties when building strong structures in a group.”

Overall, Mrs. Pointek teaching the students about forces in an earthquake and what happens to structures.


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