Champions of the Challenge

by Maya Berg, staff writer

The champions’ wall will be coming to the sixth grade hallway shortly.  The wall will include the original F.O.R. members’ names and anyone that was “caught” by the sixth, seventh and eighth grade teachers being out of this world kind and following the Rachel’s Challenge principles.  Be on the lookout for kind acts performed by other students!  The follow up assembly for Rachel’s Challenge was just a reminder about what we should be doing while we participate in the challenge.

Every antelope at Avonworth knows who Rachel Joy Scott is.  We also know we are participating in Rachel’s challenge.  But, why?  The Herd got a first-hand interview with Mr. Pellicano to answer three of your biggest questions.

When we asked Mr. Pellicano why are we doing Rachel’s challenge?  He responded “we are doing Rachel’s challenge to celebrate the kind things we do here at Avonworth.”
Our second question was what is Friends of Rachel (F.O.R.)?

He answered, “F.O.R. is an organization recognizing students in the building for nice things they do each day.”

They also asked if he had other inside information he wanted the readers of The Herd to know about.  He replied, “I have had other schools contact me about on starting a writing campaign with one another based on the challenges.”

If you have any other questions, ask The Herd on Twitter and Instagram @AMSTheHerd!


Champions of Kindness, a wall in the 6th grade hallway, is being created to recognize students that are following the example of Rachel Scott.

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