AMS Celebrates School Spirit

by Rachel Schaffner, staff writer

Last week was spirit week! This event is held by the student council to get the school excited in the days leading up to the Children’s Hospital Auction.
Each of the days of the week had a specific event. On Monday, AMS held 80’s day. This is where you got out your parent’s old stuff (from the

1980s). Leg warmers, big hair, and neon colors were all the rage!
Tuesday was ugly sweater day. This was when you got to pull out those sweaters that your parents gave you! Some middle schoolers came with homemade sweaters with holiday themes.
The next day was Whoville Hair Day! Just like the citizens from the Dr. Seuss books, students came to school with the wackiest hairstyles. Some students had their hair high up in large buns while others had strange pigtails. A few even colored their hair to be just like their favorite characters!
On Thursday, we showed our pride in Avonworth. Teachers and students wore their Antelope gear. There were team sweatshirts and t-shirts throughout the school.
The last day was pajama day. This is where you got to snuggle at school in your pajamas. Just like the comfort of being at home, students never had to leave the warmth of their bedtime attire.
Spirit week was a great success with many students participating in the fun. For the next spirit week, maybe you will join in too?!


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