Brushing Up on Studying Skills

By: Rachel Tighe

Some people may have trouble studying. It can be boring, confusing, and hard. When you study, you are most likely making your self study, so you can do well on your next test. What if it could be more fun? There are lots of tricks for studying.
My favorite is rewarding yourself. If you have a science test in three days, and you NEED to study, make yourself a deal. For example, if you need to study four pages, every time you study a page, give yourself something, like a short break before you go back to the books.
Another good studying skill, is having someone quiz you, or get together with another student. If someone is quizzing you, it is as if you are taking a verbal test. This way, you can’t cheat and look at the answer. If you are studying with another student, or in a group, then everyone can learn something. Maybe your friend will share with you a way they remember a certain answer to a question.
I hope these tips helped. Good Luck on your next test Avonworth!


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