The Haunted House – a short story

by Rachel Schaffner
Caution: text is graphic for a young audience


On a cold Halloween night two friends were Trick-or-Treating, when they got to an abandoned house built on an ancient burial ground. They heard a spooky growl-like noise with a shriek.  They shivered with fear, backed up, fell and heard a voice, “Get away from my house!”  Then they ran as far as they could almost running into a fence.  They were in the backyard.  Looking up they saw blood gushing down the side of the neighboring mansion.  They were so freaked out they screamed which summoned a wolf and a beast mixed together.  The creature was furious and  sent them to the basement.    They saw  skeletons of the people that had come in before them, but never made it out.  Their bones were the creature’s toys.

The two girls were scared to death about the basement with the bones and poisonous spiders.   The creature went upstairs.  They made a run for it.  The beast saw where they were heading and it summoned its helpers which were zombies, vampires, mummies, and a frankenstein.  The creature’s minions were chasing after the girls.  One girl managed to escape the clutches of a zombie and ran away form the haunted house.  The other girl was not so lucky and was left alone with the monsters surrounding her.

The beast walked up to her and said, “You got away and now you’re dead.”

The girl said, “I’m not going to die today, because….” Then the beast cut her off, while it said, “Give her to the minions.”

When the monsters got their hands on her they took her to the monster transformer.  When they hooked her up to the machine the beast said, “Any last words?”

Then she said, “If I do get turned into a monster, will I like it?”

Then the beast said nothing.  When the process was done,  she was half girl half beast.

The night of the full moon came,  the beasts howled to the moon, it was their night for revenge.  The girl screamed, “HELP!!!!!!!”

To be continued……. (below)

Haunted House

When the girl screamed “Help!”  She had changed back into a thirteen year girl.

Then the beast howled “GET HER!”  But all the helpers were inside away from the heat of the night.  Then he said to them “If you aren’t going to do it then I will.”  Then he jumped off the roof and ran to get the girl.

The girl ran for her life,  but the beast was faster than she was.  The beast summoned his secret weapon,  the dragon lord.  He flew in front of her and said “Where are you going?  We need you for our revenge on the humans.”

The girl said, “Try to catch me first.”  Then she slid under the dragon’s feet.

The beast growled and ran.   He yelled to the dragon, “Get the girl now!”

The dragon flew up and searched for her.  Then he said to his boss “I cannot find her.”  The beast raised his claw and smacked the dragon in the face.

The beast said “You let her get away?!”

“I didn’t lose her I couldn’t find her,” said the dragon. “She’s hiding somewhere.”

Then beast said “Search everywhere!  We cannot afford any more time lost.”

“Yes sir,” the dragon growled back.

The dragon flew up while the beast ran it on foot.  The girl had made a run for home.

When she arrived home the dragon lord caught sight of her.  He snarled to the beast explaining the girl’s location.

The beast said, “hold off.”

The dragon lord said, “Can I at least get a good clawing out of me?”

The beast said “Ok.”

The girl got clawed, but the beast got to take her back to the house.  The girl said “Why do you want me?”

The dragon said “Humans have driven us away for years.  Mostly girls had driven us away.  So we need to get rid of all humans. Then the whole world will be filled with MONSTERS!”  The dragon lord said, “We want revenge!”

The girl explained how the humans were not trying to get rid of them.  She pleaded her case.

After much arguing, they let the girl go.  The dragon lord decided to change his ways.  He understood the girls side and realized he could best help the town by guarding the people and making sure they were safe and sound.  The girl was glad the dragon lord ended his terrible ways and all lived happily ever after.



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