How Did We Get Jack-o-Lanterns?

by Adam Bowles & Tyler Bryan

During the Halloween season, jack-o-lanterns look out from many porches across the United States.  Jack-o-lanterns are made from pumpkins big and small that have been jackolanterncarved with ghostly faces and are lit up by candles.  The jack-o-lantern name comes from an Irish tale about a man named Stingy Jack.  Originally, jack-o-lanterns were carved from potatoes and turnips.  It was the Irish immigrants who brought the tradition of carving these vegetables to America.  After immigrating to America, the Irish found the native vegetable, the pumpkin to be a great vessel for the scary carvings.  Potatoes and turnips were tossed aside and the carving of pumpkins soon became an integral part of the Halloween spirit.


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