by: Maya Berardi


Mr. Minsinger teachers 7th grade reading and is a long-term substitute for Mrs. Ursta.

As the beloved seventh grade reading teacher, Mrs. Ursta, is on maternity leave,  Mr. Minsinger has stepped up to fill her spot. As a new staff member, students do not know much about him. Today, he answers the questions students have been wondering. Who is Mr. Minsinger? What is he planning to teach? Lets find out!
Did you teach anywhere before Avonworth Middle School? “I graduated from college in May, so I’ve only had a few substitute teaching experiences.  Most of my experiences have been in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.  Although, I student taught at Avonworth in Mrs. Hickman’s 8th grade English class last Spring, so this isn’t my first time at Avonworth.”
What are you planning to do this year in class? “We are going to be doing some different units this year and reading some new books.  We also may be trying some different projects with And Then There Were None, but we’ll see how it goes.”
Are you planning to teach anywhere after this year is up? “I am absolutely planning on teaching after this year. Hopefully at Avonworth, but who knows?  Regardless of where I am, I would love to remain teaching in a middle school.”
 Why did you want to be a teacher? I wanted to be a teacher because I want to help kids.  Even when I was in school, I really liked tutoring and explaining things to my peers.
    What is the biggest challenge facing teachers these days? “I think the biggest challenge facing teachers in general is the feeling out there that teachers do not work hard.  Growing up, I always used to cringe when people would say, “Those who can’t, teach.”  I never understood that.  I always looked up to my teachers as role models, but then I would hear people say things about how teachers have an easy job.  I think one of the ways to overcome that stereotype is to continue to showcase the great things that we do at school.”
What is one thing that your students don’t know about you? “One thing I’m proud of is that I’ve won some awards for my writing.  I went to a creative arts high school, and I studied writing there, and in those 4 years I won a couple awards for my writing, which I think is pretty cool.”



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