AMS accepts Rachel’s Challenge

by Maya Berardi

Rachel's Challenge
#BeKind a poster created by Mrs. Applegate’s homeroom and inspired by Rachel’s Challenge.

Fourteen years ago, Rachel Joy Scott was killed in the Columbine massacre. She was the first to be gunned down, and the first to die on that tragic day. However, millions look past the sadness and focus instead on Rachel’s major goal, which was creating a chain reaction of kindness. Rachel knew that she was going to touch people’s hearts, and in the end, that’s what she did. Her life was dedicated to changing the world in a beneficial way, and surely, schools are teaming up and creating a chain reaction of that starts with you!

“The major goal of Rachel’s Challenge was to get a message to the students of the importance of kindness and being compassionate,” says Mr. Hall. If we all do one small act of kindness, it will carry throughout the school, and make it a pleasurable place for everyone.

After the presentation, stunned students silently filed back to their homeroom and contemplated their decisions in the past. They thought about what they will change about themselves.

“Bullying and student behavior will never be limited by one presentation. However, I’m beginning to see students think with their heart,” states Mr. Hall, Avonworth Middle School Principal. This is wonderful to see, as though it doesn’t necessarily cut down all bullying, but puts the conscience in charge, minimizing rude behaviour.  Parents and children alike have thanked the program for what it has done for the students.

Avonworth is not the only school to accept the challenge. Rachel’s story has reached more than 19 million, and that number is increasing every year. They have heard the message, which is precisely what Rachel would have wanted. Our school is one of the many that have been changed. Students are thinking about their actions, and using their heart as an influence, rather than acting thoughtlessly.

After the shocking presentation, there was a F.O.R. (Friends of Rachel) meeting. In our school, the F.O.R. AMS, as they are calling themselves, have many great ideas to keep the message of kindness continuous throughout the entire school year. Anyone can join F.O.R, not just the people selected. See Mr. Pellicano for details on this great program.

Rachel’s Challenge was a great presentation for our school, and hopefully she inspired us to go out of our way to brighten someones day. After all, “We may just start a chain reaction.”


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